South Africa, officially the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is an unitary dominant-party parliamentary consitutional republic located at the southern point of the African continent, which holds the two countries: Lesotho and Swaziland. South Africa has a rich history.

Geographic Infomation Edit

South Africa is located on the southern tip of the African continent. It borders: Botswana to the north, Namibia to the north west, Zimbabwe to the north, Mozambique to the north east and surrounds Lesotho and Swaziland.

South Africa borders two seas, the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

History Edit


What is now the Republic of South Africa was inhabitated by modern human beings (Homo sapiens) about 170,000 years ago in the Middle Stone Age. The oldest traces of humain life in South Africa date from about 3 million years ago, with Australopithecus africanus being the first inhabiters.

In 1924, Australian anatomist and anthropologist Raymon Dart found the skull of the 2.5 million year old Taung Child, a younger version of the Australopithecus. In 1938, Scottish paleontologist Robert Bloom discovered the Paranthropus robustus at Kromdraai Conservancy, and nine years later in 1947, he and John Robertson found a skull of a female Australopithecus at Sterkfontein.

In 2002, at the Blombos cave, scientists discovered stones engraved with grid or cross-hatch patterns, dated to some 70,000 years ago, and this was first example ever determined of symbolic art created by Homo sapiens.

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