Simba as a Cub.

Simba is both a fictional character in Disney's The Lion King and the swahili word for "Lion", which is the kind of animal the character is.


  • Mohatu (Great Grandfather)
  • Ahadi (Grandfather)
  • Uru (Grandmother)
  • Mufasa (Father)
  • Sarabi (Mother)
  • Scar (Uncle)
  • Zira (Supposed Aunt)
  • Nala (Wife)
  • Kiara (Daughter)
  • Kovu (Son-In-Law)
  • Nuka (Supposed Cousin)
  • Vitani (Supposed Cousin)


Simba is a very kind and understanding lion, but can be untrusting at times. It can be infered that he wants to live up to his father's legacy, as evidenced by his actions in the second film. He sometimes has a habit of overstepping his authority and ordering other animals around. 

Role in the SeriesEdit

The Lion KingEdit

The Lion King II: Simba's PrideEdit

The Lion King 1 1/2Edit


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