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Travel and Tourism in Morocco Edit

Exploring the Kingdom of Morocco is a fine escape from the restlessness of a fast-paced lifestyle. Tourists love this country in Africa because it makes their precious time stop for a while. With dynamic culture, exciting events, elegant Moroccan hotels, and delectable cuisines that are embedded in each city of Morocco, it can make anyone forget about the daily concerns of modern life. But more than these impressive features, Morocco also captivates thousands of travelers every year because of its breath-taking attractions.

Historical Sites of Morocco

With such an interesting past, people in Morocco can proudly share their marvelous history to the world by preserving its age-old city structures. The Ruins of Chella, which used to be a settlement of colonies, has now become one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Rabat. In Marrakech, however, a well-known square founded in 1070 continues to attract many travelers from all over the world. Djemma el Fna is a historic place where you'll find not only the remains of old structures but also discover loads of entertainment in the form of music, food, and exotic performances.

'Moroccan Museums

The history of Morocco can better be understood by seeing one of its grand museums. As such, you can place the Museum of Antiquities on top of your list as an excellent place to visit. Mosaics and bronzes from Lixus or Volubilis, antiquated funeral rites, and a dummy of a Carthaginian tomb will help you appreciate more the beauty of its past. The imperial city of Fez, meanwhile, also features a Hispano-Moorish palace that houses a rich collection of traditional art, while the Dar Barth Museum also gives travelers the chance to view the grandest decorative materials, which include wood sculptures, jewelries, and the coins of Old Morocco.


Nature's Beauty in Morocco

The beauty of Morocco does not live on physical structures alone. Its charm also comes from the natural wonders it has preserved through the years. The stillness of the Sahara desert is still a dramatic sight to many travelers today, while the majestic range of Atlas Mountains never cease to entice tourists, who enjoy a clearer view of this African mountain through the southwestern part of Morocco.The highest peak in Morocco and North Africa is Jbel Toubkal with an elevation of 4,167 metres.

Churches and Mosques in Morocco

Having an extremely diverse culture, Morocco offers a place for different religions. From old mosques to contemporary churches, this country has exquisite places of worship. Casablanca's Hassan II Mosque has a dainty structure that makes it not only a temple but also a favorite tourist destination. On the other hand, Hassan II Mosque's Catholic counterpart also has its own grandiose architectural design. The white Casablanca Cathedral is an integration of the Neo-Gothic style and the Moroccan and Deco Muslim designs.

Moroccan Beaches

The Moroccan coast stretches out from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Along this long coastline, manifold beaches with pristine water and fine sands await excited travelers. One outstanding Moroccan beach is the cold waters of Grottes d'Hercules in Tangier. What makes it a little more special than the other beaches is the famous Cave of Hercules. On top of this, another popular Moroccan coast is the Lalla Fatma in Safi. The fabulous scenery and the clean shore makes this beach perfect for sun bathing.

Hotel and LodgingEdit

Some travel guides and hotel brochures might tell you that hotel accommodations in a country as beautiful as Morocco may cost more than you can afford. But before you change your mind and let go of your Moroccan dreams, think again about your priorities and do a good research. Does my Morocco stay have to be very expensive? The answer, dearest travelers, actually depends on you. If what matters most is the tour itself, you can go for an inexpensive yet comfortable hotel. However, if you desire to enjoy luscious food and rest like a superstar in a costly bed, then you should really set aside a huge amount of Moroccan dirhams to stay in a luxury hotel. Whether you're born with a silver spoon or you always live by the budget, there's a rich collection of hotels in Morocco that will surely be worth your valuable dirhams. Here are some of them: Hotels for Budget Travelers

Any ordinary person in this world must agree that money is so hard to earn these days that many of you strive to use every penny as wisely as possible. As travelers, you don't have to sacrifice the precious value of your wallet. Thus, to save money for tomorrow's use can still be your guiding principle. All you need to do is be more resourceful in your search for some cheap thrills. Just as you scout for great bargains in shopping centers, you also have to search for hotels with deals agreeable to your humble budget. You can do this by asking some friends who had been to Morocco or by inquiring directly from the hotel. To help you start your research, here are some of the inexpensive hotels in Morocco: Zaki Hotel in Meknes, Menzeh Zalagh in Fez, Amalay Hotel in Marrakech, Splendid Hotel in Fez, and Ibis Moussafir Hotel in Ouarzazate. These hotels offer convenient services and comfortable rooms at a price that many budget-conscious travelers can easily afford.


Hotels for Big Spenders

The more fortunate people in the world are usually expected to stay in a glorious five-star hotel. If you are one of the lucky ones, you won't have much trouble in choosing your hotel. Since money is not your problem, just take a pick from an overflowing collection of luxurious hotels in Morocco: Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech, Sofitel Palais Jamai Fes in Fez, Le Royal Mansour Meridien in Casablanca, Octogone Earth, Terre Resort and Spa in Marrakech, and Hilton Rabat in the capital of Morocco. Business moguls and professionals can carry out meetings in the function rooms of these five-star hotels. After an exhausting business meeting, they can relax through various leisure activities such as golf and spa treatments that are available in these hotels.

Hotels for the Family

Traveling with the entire family is truly enjoyable if you do some fun activities together. If you want to make the most out of your budget, get a hotel that offers not just affordable deals but also amenities that will allow your whole family to have fun. If you're with your kids, choose a hotel that has play grounds. If most of your family members are young adults, make sure that your hotel has entertainment lounges, courts, and swimming pools. Your options may include Villa des Orangers in Marrakech, Tikida Dunas and Dorint Atlantic Palace in Agadir. Many hotels may be less expensive than these options. But since they provide excellent amenities for your family, staying in one of them will definitely be a good bargain.