Isinya is one seven administrative divisions of the Kajiado District, part of the Rift Valley Province in the southern part of Kenya. Isinya, located at -1.67 latitude, 36.85 longitude (source), is 60 miles (100km) south of Nairobi and 9 miles (15km) north of Kajiado, the capital of the district.

Isinya has a private airfield called Orly Airpark, named after Orly Airport in Paris (source, PDF).

The mineral gypsum is mined in this area (source).

Local groups and organizationsEdit

The Dupoto Women's Group, based in Isinya, is a BEADS project consisting of 25 Maasai women who support the education of local children by creating traditional bead crafts for sale overseas.

The Maasai AIDS Awareness Programme, established in Isinya in 1995, aims to reduce HIV/AIDS in this area.

The Maasai Rural Training Centre (MRTC), headquartered in Isinya, is a base for the Livestock Management Training Centre, the Youth Polytechnic, and the community tannery (source, PDF).

The Isinya Community Wildlife Association manages a 50-acre trustland which may be developed for tourism.

The Women's Economic Empowerment Consort (WEEC) is a microfinance training programme for women in Isinya and other areas of Kenya. WEEC partners with Kiva to allow loans to be made over the Internet to economically active rural women in Kenya. (See women's businesses in need in Africa on Kiva.)

Also in the Kajiado DistrictEdit